Thirty Bar: Double the Trend

1114_BarIn theory Dongcheng’s Walking Street would be a hopping destination for bar hopping. Close your eyes and imagine a figurative spice rack of bars lining two sides of the hallway. The area is full of small drinking holes, and some are now even cleaned daily, which is an improvement. Unfortunately most are little more than a dark space serving alcohol and cucumber sticks. It is usually unlikely that the bar tenders can find the cordial for your favorite drinks, but if he or she does, it is less likely it will be mixed in a way that makes it drinkable.

But now that we’ve laid down the standard specs for bars on walking street, let’s look at one of the handful of outliers, because there are definitely a few that stand out. Today’s review checks out Thirty Bar. It’s a mix between local taste and their understanding of Reggae culture. Stepping through the handful of patio tables into a trendy, metropolitan bar area with just enough blue neon to set a mood dark enough to relax into, but still escape the possibility of dinginess.

After ordering a drink, one of four drafts or from the cocktail menu, step further in to find the bar’s second dimension. A Jamaican shanty planked décor surrounds the stage with some flavorings of counterculture chasing a hip vibe, including the proverbial Che Guevara poster and a fun graffiti mural.

There are no surprises on the menu, prices vary between RMB 30 – 50, and the bartenders have no problem mixing. They use an ice shaving machine too, and everything else that is expected when ordering a mojito, this one flavored with passion fruit. It was a little overly sweet, but still refreshing.

The regular crowd, likely friends of the bar’s staff or ownership, is young and stylish, which makes the place not too loud or overly reserved. On Friday and Saturday nights between 9:30 p.m. and midnight, acoustic guitars and some hand drums liven up the crowd, and with a group of friends can be a good time.

Find Thirty Bar here.