Dongcheng Nightclubs Close Early

Nightclubs on Dongcheng’s popular Bar Street have begun to close at 2 o’clock in the morning. When the clubs of Dongguan change operating hours, our readers notice. And when our

HERE! Dongguan 9th Anniversary 360° Pool Party

From the HERE!DG Plus video files, we celebrate HERE! Dongguan’s 9th Anniversary with the city’s biggest ever pool party. It was 360° of fun, kids in one corner, adults in

In the Local Media: November 2014

Patience, and Obstinance, are Virtues A local Foshan man waited in a parking space for two hours as he waited for family members to arrive driving their car. In a

My Way, Then The Highway

One of the more common complaints that I get from foreign managers in China is that their Chinese staff are resistant to change. They face that dreaded situation where they

Model Mandarin: November

BEAR IN MIND Remember how to speak by saying things you shouldn’t. Most of the Chinese people don’t like to say “no” in a direct way in daily life; here

Dynamic Palate Syndrome

Before I came to China, I didn’t care much for most Asian cuisines, and I especially disliked Chinese food. As an American, the bland or over-salted recreations made to suit

What’s the Deal With Detecting Bogus Businesses

Recognizing the difference between a legitimate enterprise and a scam waiting for a sucker can be difficult. Because after all, anyone can build a beautiful website, and it’s easy around

Thirty Bar: Double the Trend

In theory Dongcheng’s Walking Street would be a hopping destination for bar hopping. Close your eyes and imagine a figurative spice rack of bars lining two sides of the hallway.

The Lobsterman: Almost Full

A classic American tavern-style restaurant set in dark wood and vintage lights. The Lobsterman restaurant emits an open and relaxed ambience that momentarily made me feel I was not in

Golden Years: The Coming Investment Boom in China’s Elderly Care Industry

Today, there are more than 200 million senior citizens in China. Fifty percent of them are “empty-nesters” living alone in rural areas, and more than 30 million are disabled. Meanwhile,