Wanda Madhouse

1014_scene_In Brief_Wanda MadhouseContinuing an aggressive approach to real estate development, China’s massive Wanda Group opened the latest member of its Wanda Hotels and Resorts. The super five-star standard hotel, as they call them, is the sixth such opening in the last two and a half years. The Wanda Vista Dongguan held its grand opening, along with affiliated facilities Wanda Department Store and Wanda Cinema, on September 12 at its location behind the Global Plaza in Dongcheng. Hotel general manager Adnan Yucel described the opening, and his new position with the hotel, as being “the right place at the right time.” Perhaps the traffic congestion nightmare around Dongcheng center is still vivid in the memories of Dongguaners; it has become the signature scene wherever a Wanda commercial complex opens in China. The opening weekend tallied an estimated 830,000 visitors to Wanda Plaza and a sales volume exceeding RMB 50 million.

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