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1014_scene_Sword Masters Slash DGDongguan’s Kendo enthusiasts, fans of a modern Japanese martial art using bamboo swords and protective armor, have found their corner of the city. The Dongguan Isshin Kendo Institute is a non-profit association founded in 2008 by martial artists from Japan and China. It is the first Kendo association in Dongguan and it is has been approved by the International Kendo Federation and the China Kendo Organization’s Union. “We were established to improve and promote the spirit of Kendo,” founder of Isshin Tony Wang said.

“The ultimate goal in practicing Kendo is to make the art thoroughly a part of you,” Wang said. The spread of Japanese culture has influenced quite a few Dongguaners to practice the art. Now Isshin has recruited over 100 enthusiasts. The class opens for a full day on the weekend. The coaches are experienced practitioners from both Japan and China, and they provide their services as volunteers. Isshin has five coaches that have advanced past 4-dan (a modern grading system; 4-dan requires at least three years of training after receiving the 3-dan). Now some of the Kendo enthusiasts have also become graded martial artists.

Applicants should be at least 13-years-old and should give RMB 200 each month. “We don’t want to let money harm the purity of Kendo. The money from members is used for rent, and the use of it will be publicized online,” Wang said.

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