In the Local Media: October 2014

1014_NewsHero Films Argument A local man in a hurry, and evidently devoid of a sense of irony, hailed a taxi at the Caotang stop in Guancheng. Through seven stops, the perturbed potential passenger commanded his driver to follow the bus on route No. 5 because the bus driver had not conceded to his last moment arrival and waiving arms. After a 3-kilometer chase and blocking the bus with the taxi, fans of Internet videos and comment-wrath lucked out when a Doncheng middle school student’s quick thinking in a moment of crissis allowed him to film the episode with his phone. The video shows the driver being verbally abused until company management arrived on the scene and explained that the bus driver had only checked the left, rear-view mirror while the civilian had come from the right side. (

Crocodile Gagged, Finds Freedom Three residents found a scary crocodile on the trail of Xiasha Wetland Park in Shipai Town during their morning exercises on September 8. Seeing that its mouth was tightly bound with tape, the man surnamed Guo tried to catch it by the tail for extra nutrition, but failed as it disappeared into a nearby pond. Local media uncovered that it was missing from a restaurant across the road from the park. There were originally two crocodiles in the pond surrounded by wire fencing, but one escaped on September 7, the boss surnamed Yang confessed. The creature can live without eating for three months in the water, according to Yang. (

The City of Museums Dongguan has set forth a plan to build 20 new museums by the end of 2016, according to the master plan. On September 10, the city’s propaganda department called for a meeting and stressed the point. To reach the goal, the government will provide subsidies to new museums that are free to the public, as well as preferential policies for land usage and tax code. There are currently 31 museums in the city, 14 are private enterprises. (

Rules for a Civilized Life Living in close quarters, having not been a problem before, seems to have hit a wall in a local residential garden. The Vanke City Golf Garden in Liaobu Town decided that its residents should join a pact stipulating what is or isn’t proper behavior while living within its domain. In a September 7 ceremony, the pact and its 26 articles were read out how to act in an ideal neighborhood. Rules like “actively greet your neighbors when passing by” and “take good care of your children” are part of the agreement that was drafted in April and unanimously approved by property owners. (

Parasitic Pet After bleeding every other day from his left nostril for more than half a month, Mr. Zhan discovered a live leech inside of his nasal cavity. After a countryside outing in August, Zhan found his nostril became itchy, then began to bleed. He went to the People’s Hospital in Wanjiang District where a checkup revealed a 2.5 centimeter-long dark brown thing moving inside of his nose. Once the leech was anesthetized, it fell from the cavity and was sucked out by the doctor with a pipette. It was estimated that the tiny larva entered the nose when Zhan washed his face with spring water in the rural area. (

Caught between a Hard Place A suspected burglar was found stuck between two buildings in Dongkeng Town when he tried to descend from a roof top. When tenant Chang found his home ransacked, he immediately informed his landlord downstairs who checked surveillance cameras and found a stranger wandering the halls. They reached him and fought, and the man hit the landlord with a beer bottle before running toward the roof . When police arrived, they found he had become lodged between two rental houses three stories up and unable to move. The scene ended with a firemen rescue, and a trip to the Dongkeng Hospital. (

Basketball Granny Taking a personal interest in her grandson’s growth, Chen Mei, 73, learned to play basketball so to drag her grandson away from the television. Believing the 9-year-old was becoming addicted to the “tube,” Chen decided to take him to the b-ball court every day. Now, after the boy returned to school in Guangzhou, Grandma has continued to pursue the sport on her own. She loves to shoot single-handed and believes it’s good for her joints. She can score 10 out of 20 shots saying she was a sporty woman in her youth, attending competitions representing Dongguan with victories in high jump, long jump, 60-meter and 200-meter runs. (Southern Metropolis Daily)

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