Graffiti Surfaces

1014_scene_In Brief_Graffiti SurfacesA city without graffiti is boring. If you are outdoorsy enough, you may be surprised to see big and colorful doodles dazzling around the dark corners of Guancheng, where most local graffiti hobbyists are active. But recently in the central city area around One Mall in Nancheng, Doraemon and ninja turtles have begun to greet roadside meanderers. They were created by graffiti artist Xia Yitian, a.k.a Betta, and his team. Back in March of 2013, Betta brightened up Dongguan’s urban scenery by turning utility boxes into cartoon characters without official permission, attracting broad attention. In the same year, he founded his own studio and started to paint commercially. He has been commissioned by bars, coffee shops, creative parks and shopping malls such as The Landmark and One Mall, to gain the art form attention to wider audiences.

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