Dongcheng Gets an Airport Terminal

1014_scene_In Brief_Dongcheng Gets an Airport TerminalDongguan’s newest airport terminal, locations established around the city to expedite check-ins and make catching flights less of a hastle, opens this month. Located next to the Liuhua Park south gate in Dongcheng, the new terminal, the sixth of its kind in Dongguan, will open direct bus routes to Guangzhou Baiyun and Shenzhen airports. Residents in Dongcheng, Shilong, Shijie, Chashan, Gaobu District and even some parts of Huizhou will enjoy the new service including booking, hotel, Check-in procedures and an airport shuttle bus. Last-minute construction is under way at the new terminal, which will feature traditional Lingnan (southern Chinese) architectural designs, an antique garden view and modern services. By now, the five other terminals in Dongguan have been put into use in Wanjiang, Tangxia, Humen, Dalang and Shilong towns.

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