Seasoned Profile: H Bistro

0914_rest reviewH Bistro is trying to be serious. It has a serious looking kitchen, serious looking staff and a seriously dim interior for serious diners who don’t mind dropping a decent portion of dough. It’s a hybrid of Batou’s boutique panache with its random knickknacks adorning empty wall space and cubbyholes in a bourgeois restaurant, skimming the surface of upscale. With this being stated, it’s a bit unclear exactly which audience the place is trying to cater to: the tuhao-selfie-photos-of-food crowd or authentic foodies.

H Bistro has a menu that rotates monthly with some upper-middle class luxury ingredients and seasonings from scallops and aged cheddar to prosciutto. Though, it’s billed as a French restaurant, the style of the fare isn’t necessarily region specific. It predominately features different types of pasta or risotto with the aforementioned accoutrements and sauces.

Pasta is the safe zone when venturing into the Western food arena; just add sauce and voila, Western cuisine. For example, the penne with green pea sauce was seasoned perfectly with basil and oregano, accentuating the scallops. There are also some braised meat dishes that suffer from the huge plate, small portion syndrome that plagued Western restaurants in years past, but all with pleasing flavor profiles. If in the mood for their tasty Foie Gras and dainties paired with a glass of wine or a cocktail, H Bistro is fit to serve. It isn’t exactly suitable for hearty eaters looking for a heavy meal.

Though definitely worth a try for a snack, H Bistro may not become a hot coupling spot for diners in the near future due to the distance away from the main foreign vein in Dongcheng. Those willing would need to brave the darkened streets in which the restaurant is housed, and taxis might be slow to arrive. After all, just because a restaurant serves Foie Gras it doesn’t mean the restaurant becomes a must eat staple of local nightlife culture, but it is certainly good to have a choice of well prepared dishes.

Find H Bistro here.