International Basketball, Local Courts

0914_SCENE_In Brief_Battier nternational Basketball, Local CourtsGrowing up in the U.S., Andrew Luk played organized sports at the Chinese Youth Club, an after school program popular among Chinese-Americans. “I grew up playing in the CYC, and I want to repeat the camaraderie that was present there,” said Luk.  Starting this month, Luk is expecting to start play in the Dongguan International Basketball League. The recreational teams will have no age or gender limits and Luk is in discussions for cooperation with a local charity. “We have four teams confirmed now and another three more are interested,” said Luk. Presently, the team registration fee is set at RMB 4,500 and uniforms requirements call for players to wear the same color and display individual player numbers.

Correction: The registration fee, published in print, was RMB 4,000. That number was incorrect.

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