DG Sex Documentary

0914_SCENE_DG Sex DocumentaryA new video produced by Key Clap, a documentary film production company with two videos on their YouTube and Vimeo accounts, has appeared on the Internet explaining the history of prostitution in China. Though it is very likely that you have already guessed what comes next, we must now warn you that a spoiler alert is on its way.

At the 45-second mark the video becomes less about China, and more about—wait for it—Dongguan. “It is estimated that the city has as many as 250,000 prostitutes,” says the video’s narrator. It goes on to compare that number to other cities from around the world with significantly less sex workers, though those numbers are likely estimates of the entire trade, including security and staff from the industry and not the actual number of prostitutes.

Still, a minute later in the 5-minute long video, an impressive info-animation describes the industry in great detail. It seems that, as proud as we are of the Dongguan-Style Service, a standard that is sought after throughout China in its spas and barber shops, it may have originally come from Japan. To decide for yourself and to watch the video that was first published on Vimeo back in March, just a month after the CCTV scandal, go to bit.ly/1vtvwI3. To subscribe to Key Clap follow bit.ly/1rDKwCk to YouTube or bit.ly/1poZ6ff to Vimeo.

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