Battier Retires in DG

0914_SCENE_Battier Retires in DGThe charity basketball match at the end of last month, that brought friends of Yao Ming from the NBA and CBA, was a first for Dongguan in a few ways. The 2014 Yao Foundation Charity Game, held to raise money for new schools and youth basketball, was hosted in Beijing for the last three years. Because of that work, the foundation has built 18 schools in eight provinces, 15 of them already open.

Set in Dongguan for its fondness of the sport, four players from the city’s two CBA teams made the roster. Li Muhao, Sun Tonglin and Gu Quan of the Leopards and Liu Xiaoyu of the Tigers joined their compatriots matched against NBA stars, Tony Parker, Shane Battier, Carl Landry, Troy Daniels, Beno Udrih, CJ Watson, Eric Griffin, Anthony Morrow and Chris Smith.

Battier has chosen this tour to announce his retirement, to the disappointment of local fans. He said, “It’s time to for new business oppotunities, and it’s time for me to be a friend of basketball. I’m excited about that.”

With four game sessions, the match’s third session gave the “stars of Dongguan’s future” and student players from the Yao Foundation Hope Primary Schools the chance of a lifetime. The scores of their match was added to the overall total of their superstar chaperons.