The Village Pub

0814_SCENE In Brief_The Village PubHengli Town, more known for its cricket fighting and its beef raising, is now home to its first officially Western bar. Fully foreign owned and operated, the Winners English Sports Bar aims, according to co-owner Jason Salter, “to give customers a U.K. or English experience in China.” After knowing each other for the past seven years through working and living in Hengli, the three believed that the rural town, located east of downtown, had built enough entertainment that locals can stay within its borders more often rather than heading to more populated night scenes. And its new bar street, consisting of about ten bars, is an up and coming spot. Decorated by icons of British culture, with staff wearing Welsh Guard-esque uniforms, the bar gives, “a friendly familiar feel to those that have been [to the U.K.] or those that are interested in going,” said Salter. Winners opens at 7 p.m. nightly.