Obama Billboard: Goodbye Craziness

Goodbye Crazy

A billboard in Dongguan, Guangdong sells real estate using the image of Barak Obama with the slogan, “Goodbye, Craziness,” as the U.S. president cries. (Photo: Paul Grant)

Sounding more like a used car dealer than a real estate company, a billboard in Dongguan is using an image of U.S. President Barak Obama, at the halfway mark of his last term in office, to sell the last of its condos.

The slogan reads, “Goodbye Craziness” next to a parody of  the iconic “Hope” image by Shepard Fairey used during the 2008 presidential campaign. What’s crazy about this image is not the use of the president, that can be seen across the country turned into strange toys and novelty gifts, but upon closer look, the American leader is crying with streams of stylized tears running down his presidential cheeks.


Goodbye Craziness (Photo: Paul Grant)

The ad’s pitch hopes to convince viewers to take advantage of low prices that won’t last much longer. “A beautiful villa in the center city,” it says. “Ultimate [final] sale, everybody wants it.”

For the tourist drawn toward oddities, the billboard can be found in the city’s Nancheng District across the street from the well-known Dongguan Winnerway Hotel. A place, where in times past, locals could gather for autographs from the stars of the Guangdong Winnerway Southern Tigers who were once granted rooms during the CBA season.