Happiness is a Video

0814_SCENE_Happiness is a VideoGrammy Award-winner Pharrell William’s hit song from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, Happy, has spread across the world becoming more than just a viral sensation. It has served as a cathartic release for victims of strife and natural disasters worldwide, from the after math of Hurricane Haiyan in The Phillipines and regions torn by war.

Swiss expats Sandrine and Alain, along with the friends that they have made over their first year in Dongguan, have brought the city into the fad. “The ‘Happy Mania’ is impressive, and so many cities around the world have done it. Why not Dongguan?” said Alain. “I enjoy making videos, and sharing this passion with others is great.”

The couple said they enlisted help from over 80 people in the making of the video, with Sandrine choreographing the dancers and Alain shooting and editing the footage. Filming all but one scene in the city, the filmmakers wanted to show the “different facets of Dongguan.” But they said that one outside scene had to be allowed. The shot is from their eldest son who is currently studying in the U.K.

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