Calling All Designers

0814_SCENE In Brief_Calling All DesignersThe Dongguan Overseas Scholars Association (DGOSA), a social and community outreach organization, is holding a competition to design a new uniform that will be worn during volunteer activities. The promotion is a chance for young designers to prove skills, and gain an experience for their portfolio as well. Starting from July 11 and lasting until August 11, young talent can first contact the organization through WeChat, e-mail, text or phone, and then send in their works. The local youth organization YMCA will help gather entries from college students and judge the event on August 16, along with members and guests, to decide a winner among ten final designs. Hoping to improve career opportunities for over 1,400 members, DGOSA organizes gatherings and lectures. For more information call (0769)3322-9088.

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