Snooker’s Back

0714_Scene Brief_Snooker's BackComing just three months after the World Snooker Dongguan Open, the city’s first international snooker event, the sport is back with another pro tour stop. The 2014 CBSA World Snooker Tour Yixing Open-Dongguan Division took place on June 5 through 8 at the Li Jian Bing Billiard Club. The competition welcomed over 80 professional and amateur snooker players from Dongguan and all over the country. Students from the club, Xu Si and Duan Yanfeng, took first and second place in the amateur division respectively. “I’ve been in Dongguan for 20 years,” said owner and coach Li Jianbing. “I think Dongguan is a great breeding ground for snooker.” The eight best players including the two local amateur winners were able to compete with winners from five other divisions at the Yixing Gaocheng Open in Jiangsu Province. Xu and Duan failed to qualify at that tournament.

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