Route 66: Work Ahead

0714_Bar reviewBatou, for some, is an oasis from the norm, for others it is a portal to off-key Mando-pop with Casio drum lines. Route 66 can be filed as a confused drinking environment with Americana bric-a-brac strewn about the walls. America’s “mother road” is on display in road signs and memorabilia without much cultural context in the remaining boutique design or musical selection.

Luckily, the building’s floor plan was given more thought than its theme. It features a decently sized al fresco seating area and a screen for seeing sport, a small bar area that could seat possibly four, a similarly small, well-smoked upper room, and a terrace. Route 66 could actually be a smart choice to watch the World Cup, but the menu is ordinary.

There is nothing that can’t be purchased nearby for similar prices or less, and the service is so shaky that they barely know what’s on their own menu. For instance, cocktails are just thrown in a cup and stirred. With no draft, the ever increasing German beer suppliers have triumphed yet again begging the question, “Is this beer actually still imported?” Worth mentioning also are the coffee drinks and snacks, like “sweet toast,” that comprise a majority of the handwritten menus. Not exactly the manly place to knock back a few brews.

It’s not proper to lean on the hopes of what an establishment could be instead of what it is. Could it improve and prosper? Possibly. The fact is, the proprietors of Route 66 don’t quite understand the culture they wish to represent, but they have created a comfortable environment for a relaxing evening. Remove the road signs and glamour, and you see the truth. Route 66 is a café serving beer, not a sports bar.

Batou is destined to relive this chain of events of bars popping up and taking a shot at success. This one has the skeletal framework, but at this point, not much more.

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