Roadhouse Bar & Grill: Rubbed Tummies

0714_rest reviewThe newest venue for Western fare and entertainment lies at the foot of Qifeng Park’s steepest climb. Roadhouse Bar and Grill, aptly named for its thorough replication of suburban American steakhouses, boasts slow-smoked BBQ dishes, steaks, burgers, and others.

The front patio is a nice place to have lunch and a beer on a cool day, but largely unshielded from mid-day sun and the heat of the parking lot, it might be lonely there until the end of the summer. A better option in the meantime is to head up the front stairwell to a semi-private area with both indoor and outdoor balcony seats facing the park. This could be a place to talk business at lunch time, or keep your kids reigned in and away from the bar area.

Of its signature BBQ, the menu says, “… we rub [our meats] with our special BBQ spices … [they are] then slow smoked daily using apple wood for 4 to 7 hours.” And the result isn’t too bad. The pork plate is a pile of strips not quite as tender or moist as slow-smoked meats could be, and drenched in a mild sweet sauce, but I’ve heard many say that the burgers and steaks are among the best in town. If you’re on a health kick, Roadhouse is place for exceptions. The mixed vegetables are sautéd in oil instead of steamed and the steak fries are planks of crispiness.

While the tacos look more like burritos, wrapped in soft, flour tortillas, they still hit the spot. Roadhouse knows how to wrap it up for takeaway, too. Their oversized hot dogs come carefully packaged in multiple containers to preserve the integrity of the bread, condiments, and side dish so it seems as if its just been served when you peel open the containers at home.

The decor is all American, missing only wall-mounted game, booth seating, and maybe a more attentive bartender. A large projection screen drapes across the back wall, visible from everywhere on the main floor. Protected from ambient sunlight, it gives a stronger, clearer image than others in Dongguan. Like other smaller TVs throughout the bar, it is always playing an event sports fans want to be watching.