Riverside Lofts

0714_Scene_Riverside LoftsEarlier this year, work began on an old cargo dock used in the ‘70s, with its tiled-roof storehouses preserved as stylish waterfront lofts. Located across the bridge from Xiaba Fang (a.k.a. Batou Village), the Gongnong Lofts is one of the latest in the CEG Group project known as IDEA Creative Parks that renovates vacant factory spaces into offices and studios.

Phase one, according to planning manager A.P. Zheng, will be completed in October with five companies, including the Dongdi Storehouse Art Gallery, taking office space. “Next, we will focus on constructing infrastructure and public facilities, including, open squares and paths along the water,” said Zheng.

The space was opened up on May 31 for a modeling contest from Dongguan’s colleges and universities to introduce the location to the public. The raw, grayish-white walls and red wood and tiled roof created a background with a primitive sense of beauty under red neon, while 20 amateur student models strutted their stuff.

Located along a branch of the Dongjiang River that runs parallel with the Dongguan Yunhe (channel) in Guancheng, the location once served as a crucial warehouse in the transferring of agricultural and production goods to other parts of Dongguan and to cities along
the river.

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