Colorful Life

What can a painting bring to its audiences? Sentiment, emotion and memories. Organized by Guangzhou’s Consulate General of Mexico, the 21 Space Art Museum opened on exhibit, Colors of Life.

National Cleaning Day

There are perhaps many who know about the World Environment Day. June 5 is set aside for “positive environmental action” by the United Nations Environment Program, but lesser known is

Local Man in Movie

Local resident, David Kundelius, has been hired as an extra on Jackie Chan’s latest action film. The epic film is China’s biggest ever budgeted film and, for Kundelius’ part, will

Riverside Lofts

Earlier this year, work began on an old cargo dock used in the ‘70s, with its tiled-roof storehouses preserved as stylish waterfront lofts. Located across the bridge from Xiaba Fang

Goodbye Vita Bar

After serving drinks and good times on Dongcheng’s bar street since 2009, Vita Bar, the lounge and livehouse, closed its doors after one last night on June 7. Sherry Wang,

Flying Affordable Air

Attached to gliding aircraft, Xiao Hai, a local paragliding enthusiast, soars into the skies of Dongguan. The sight was seen on June 8, when six paragliders trained in an empty

Treasures Market

Treasures of Hope is coming up on the end of its lease at the store’s location on Dongcheng Walking Street. When store management and its committed volunteers sat down to discuss