Summer Reads: China Dolls

Lisa See’s China Dolls paints a story of three young women—Ruby, Grace, and Helen—and their journey through the American Chinese Night Club Era. The story begins in the 1930s where

Route 66: Work Ahead

Batou, for some, is an oasis from the norm, for others it is a portal to off-key Mando-pop with Casio drum lines. Route 66 can be filed as a confused

Roadhouse Bar & Grill: Rubbed Tummies

The newest venue for Western fare and entertainment lies at the foot of Qifeng Park’s steepest climb. Roadhouse Bar and Grill, aptly named for its thorough replication of suburban American

Run with the Money: Repatriating Cash from China

For foreign companies with subsidiaries in South China, repatriating cash from their China company has always been an important and challenging issue. There are several ways of repatriating cash from

Growth Industry: A Multi-Demensional Look at A 3D Topic

As buzzwords go, 3D printing is a phrase making the rounds, but few have the technology in their hands. Students from the Dongguan University of Technology’s mechanical engineering department, however,

From Folly to Volley: The Dongguan Tennis Center Takes Serve

In 2011, Liu Zhigeng, the Secretary of the Communist Party in Dongguan, announced the development of the Dongguan Tennis Center, a state-of-the-art tennis stadium and facility capable of hosting the

Sea Turtles Celebrates

The Dongguan Overseas Scholars Association (DGOSA) celebrated its second anniversary with an awards banquet at the Sofitel Royal Lagoon in Dongcheng. The organization is made up of a particular group

Old Brand, New Center

On October 17, 1989, Nestlé broke ground to build the factory that General Manager Alain Barblan says made them the first multinational company to invest in Dongguan. Coming up on

Snooker’s Back

Coming just three months after the World Snooker Dongguan Open, the city’s first international snooker event, the sport is back with another pro tour stop. The 2014 CBSA World Snooker

Dragon Boat Champion

Many towns this year cancelled the official races that coincide with the dragon boat festival, keeping only the parades. But that did not hinder Dongguan’s professional racing or its reputation