Model Mandarin: Internet Slang

BEAR IN MIND Remember how to speak by saying things you shouldn’t. Some words are not necessarily found in traditional dictionaries. However, people use them quite often in daily language.

I Like This Pie

As much as I enjoy learning how to survive in the throes of inconvenience by rising to a challenge, sometimes I just want things to be easy, and to stick

What’s the Deal With Sunlight Phobia

Although the sun has been generous to the land of China, giving abundant sunlight during the year, it’s obvious that Chinese, especially women, don’t really appreciate this kindness. They don’t

Summer Reads: Hong Kong’s Back Yard

Picking up Hong Kong’s Back Yard , it would be easy to dismiss it as just another travel book about China, but those who take a closer look will be

Summer Reads: Red Sorghum Review

In 2012, Mo Yan became the first writer from Mainland China to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. The prize was considered a watershed moment in Chinese literature and it