Local Man in Movie

0714_Scene Brief_Local Man in MovieLocal resident, David Kundelius, has been hired as an extra on Jackie Chan’s latest action film. The epic film is China’s biggest ever budgeted film and, for Kundelius’ part, will take place over 45 days in Aksai, a minority autonomous region in Gansu. He said that after a few first day glitches the production has since been smooth. “And then the second day everything changed,” he said. “The actors were like, ‘Uncle Jackie showed up,’ and as soon as he was there, everybody was on point.” Kundelius, who was hired through a Shenzhen talent agency, told HERE! that Adrian Brody, the movie’s villain, was yet to start scenes, and that the supporting protagonist, John Cusack, had finished his. “It was John Cusack’s last day yesterday. We did this massive battle scene with a lot of stunts going on, and I was one of the 40 soldiers marching.”

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