In the Local Media: July 2014

Oh, Rat Farts Following an incident last summer at the Hillview Golf Club, in which a guest was hit by lightning, a law suit has been brought before the Dongcheng

A Little Fun for the Little Ones: Selected Summer Activities

Once again, here comes the time when children have an abundant time to explore the outside world, perhaps learn a new skill or develop a new hobby. To better make

Home Control: A Guide to the Beeps of your Remote

This translated from Chinese to English pictograph AC Remote guide can help you set up your AC just right.

2014 Swimsuit Guide

We all have different approaches to fun in the sun, weather pool parties, sunbathing, exercise or lounging are your thing, a stylish bathing suit not only shows off that charming

The Motivational Manager

  ABC Company, an American corporation, had recently formed a joint venture with a Chinese company. They built teams that consisted of foreign managers and Chinese staff, who were responsible

Hengli Town Guide

HISTORY Hengli is famous for its cattle market, which started during the Ming Dynasty, a time around 600 years ago when farmers were unequipped with modern scales and animal weight

Wanjiang District Guide

HISTORY Wanjiang started as a village during the Ming Dynasty in 1464. It was initially named Wan Jia Zhou, which means “a delta with 10 thousand houses.” Not until 1797

Houjie Town Guide

HISTORY The literal translation for Houjie, Thick Street, is a reference to the town’s association throughout its history with relative affluence and wealth. Stories say that over 800 years ago,