Pools Opening

0614_SCENE_Pools OpeningAfter a miserably rainy May, summer is finally approaching. It’s time to stretch your body out under water in the city’s swimming pools. If your garden has a swimming pool, you are lucky with convenience. For the unlucky ones, the opening times of public and residential pools are the first thing you need to know before grabbing a swim suit.

Most open around June, but indoor pools, like the one in King View Garden, could be available for the whole year. In July 2012, the magazine published reviews of the major pools around the city; go to bit.ly/1mpmrrQ for that article with contact and location details. The two most popular pools, located in New World Garden and Dynatown, opened as early as May 1. The pools around Dongtai Garden area, such as Victory City, King View and King View Spring Dawn, said only that they plan to open in the beginning of June.

As for public pools, the Binjiang Sports Park on Dongjiang Avenue, an outdoor complex consisting of six pools, said they will open at the end of June. The official Olympic-sized, 50-meter pool in the Dongguan Sports Center on Tiyu Road will open around June 1. Two famed water parks, the Royal Lagoon Water World, inside of Huying Park, opens in the middle of June, and Dongguan’s oldest Water Park, Shuidingdang, is located near the Dongguan East Bus Station and has been opened since May after having been closed for three years.

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