Jazz Feast

0614_SCENE_Jazz FeastDongguan will feel the rhythm and improvisations of jazz music this summer. On the four Saturdays of June, four international jazz bands are coming to Guancheng’s Culture Weekend Theater to perform some authentic jazz music—one Saturday, one band. Being called Free Jazz Month, the event will share performances with the Shanghai Concert Hall’s June line up.

Whether it’s classical, jazz standard or modern fusion, musicians always have their own interpretation. “You will listen to the songs of Ellington, Beatles, Charlie Chaplin [and] Ahmez,” said jazz singer Deborah J. Carter, who will perform on June 7 for the first time in China. “In my concert, I want to take it a step further and completely rearrange their material, incorporate my ideas and that of my group members to make our own individual jazz interpretation of their songs.”

German pianist Franz Von Chossy and his quintet are about to present their latest composition When the World Comes Home to the Dongguan audience on June 21. As the title of the quintet’s first album, it’s a nine part musical suite mixing classical and pop with plenty of jazz and signifying “the repulsion from paradise and the creation of a new world.”

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