Dongguaners on the North Pole

0614_SCENE Brief_Dongguaners on the North PoleThe BBC documentary Frozen Planet explores a land of phenomenon—the midnight sun, the glaciers and cute little penguins. Starting out on June 18 and 21, Dongguaners buying travel packages from the Dongguan Youth International Travel and M2M Travel Clubs at a price of RMB 72,800 will see the sites of the North Pole. According to Kevin Cheuk, who has guided the tour twice, once each to both the Arctic and Antarctic, “less than 30,000 people a year travel to the North Pole. From China, less than 2,000 people can go in a year.” The trips, taking five days to arrive, will travel around the Svalbard Islands ranging from a latitude of 74 to 81 degrees north. “Mostly we stay in the boat and then like twice a day we can land,” said Cheuk.

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