Faster Data Arrives

0414_scenes 4GFour months ago the magazine reported that 4G service wouldn’t be commercially available until June, but China’s three telecommunication companies have constructed enough LTE infrastructure to provide the service ahead of schedule. As the first operator to offer the new network, China Telecom released a list consisting of about 100 4G-available cities that includes Dongguan. In March, both China Mobile and China Unicom also publicized data coverage areas in Dongguan.

Now China Mobile and China Unicom offer data plans ranging from 400M to 11G at a price from RMB 40 to 596 per month. China Mobile users can upgrade to the significantly faster network service without changing numbers, while China Unicom users need to wait until April 18. The price of China Mobile is generally cheaper than China Unicom, but China Unicom provides 4G/3G hybrid data plans, meaning that network will adapt to 3G where 4G is unavailable.

According to China Mobile, over 2,760 4G spots are scattered around the city center, such as Huying Park, Global Plaza, the Exhibition Center and the downtown areas in Chang’an, Humen, Houjie, and some parts of Changping, Dalang, Liaobu and Songshan Lake. The new network is still only available for those using TD-LTE compatible devices. However, China Unicom will be compatible with the more internationally popular FDD-LTE mode, but needs official agencies to license the technology.

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