Deco Playhouse: Ibiza’s Craft Brew

0414_bar reviewWhere to go to get a good beer? How about a trip to the middle of nowhere to an oasis beside a lake? Ibiza’s super chic and crazy art deco design with Iron Man sticking out of the wall and teddy bears in the corner make it the perfect sort of place for local women to unabashedly take 45-degree angle selfies (as seen in this month’s Model Mandarin) and titter over a single cocktail for two hours.

It’s bright, white, cute and a bit too feminine. The huge exterior portion of the club would make for a fantastic summertime afternoon of beers in the sunshine while enjoying the idyllic views of the Shuilian Reservoir. The layout is quite country club froufrou; it’s nearly powerful enough to make one forget they are in Dongguan.

The menu has all sorts of western and Chinese food as well as cocktails and stiff drinks, but the mission of the evening was to sample Ibiza’s self-brewed, German style beers. The beers are good enough to get an honorable mention among, but wouldn’t come home with a medal. For those unfamiliar with German Rauchbier, or smoky beer, the taste can be a little off putting.

Their dark beer is of this category. It has a charcoal component in the flavor profile that dominates the sweetness making it seem a little off.

The other two brew varieties include a cloudy wheat beer and an oat lager that are very sweet and also smoky. The quality is there, just not the skill.

Ibiza isn’t the best option for a casual night of brew bashing and fat chewing as it’s quite far from the city proper. Having a planned party there seems the more logical route. Since it’s supposedly a “member’s only” club, there’s a 15 percent surcharge on top of the already heavy prices. That matched with the travel time makes it a difficult choice as you have to deliberately plan to go there and it’s impossible to just wander in.

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