Back to the Farm

0414_scenes_city farmer2Motivated by an overabundance of unsettling news respecting food safety, a new trend of weekend warriors has developed to avoid the pesticides and toxins. Capitalizing on the demand, land owners are providing garden space for urban dwellers. They also offer daily cultivation and guidance to the “city farmers” who go to work in their little gardens during the weekends, bringing along the kids and grandparents. One of the most popular partitioned farms is the Shunfeng Ecological Farm which is nestled under Nancheng’s Shuilian Mountain. For RMB 2,000 a year, cement-locked agriculturists can rent a 30-sq. meter plot. According to owner/operator Tian Ye, the area can produce enough vegetables to supply two extended families. Similar businesses have blossomed around Humen, Tangxia and Machong Towns.

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