Portions Available: Wild West Steakhouse

restaurant reviewThere is a time and a place for everything. Many times, weekly lunches are a great place to shave a little off of budgeted spending, which means that if eating out is part of your daily expenditures, Chinese fast food is on the menu. But luckily there is another Western-style restaurant newly opened across from the Hongfu Road Wal-Mart.

The Wild West Steakhouse is Dongguan’s version of a Texas restaurant, and though the American state says that everything is big there, this version is sized down for local space allotments. The menu items are nothing new if you’ve been out for a steak at one of these places. They come on a skillet with pasta, a fried egg and some not so fresh vegetables. And some Texas toast, which is basically crazy-potent garlic bread.

The upside is that it is very unlikely that patrons leave hungry. A table of two can order two bowls of soup, cold beverages and entrees—which are accompanied by complementary salad bar—and walk out without paying much over RMB 89.

Such value may sound a bit iffy, but the spot has certainly pleased many, evident in the short wait needed to get a table on a weekend evening. Although the service is what you suspect, it was helpful and friendly when they arrived. They do recognize some basic tenements of American style service. Because we waited to be sat we were gifted with some wieners served on a fancy plate half-hazardly squirted with some sauce that asked, “where’s the beans?” They were a lot tastier than
it sounds.

For more mouth watering culinary descriptions, enjoy this thirst-quenching depiction of the iced tea, a staple at dinner tables throughout the American South. The Iced Honey Tea, in its weakened state, appeared less like the sun-touched red libation of advertisements, but recalled rather, the brackish water poured from Hong Kong eatery pitchers. However, the two eroding islands of ice were sweetened ever so slightly with honey.

In conclusion, though the “pro” column of the review process was mostly an exercise in futility, if you want a steak and don’t want to pay, this might be the place.