R2 Milestone

In Brief_R2 Milestone

After four years of construction, it seems the R2 subway line has finally brought some real progress. Bits of good news arrived in December and January, both focus on the Tianbao and Dongcheng stops of the R2 Line. On December 26, the first train destined for the R2 was completed and launched onto a track at the Nanjing train company. Back in June 2012, the government purchased 20 train cars for the R2; similar to Guangzhou’s Line 3 trains they reach speeds of 120 kmh. Then on January 16, news broke that construction on the exit and entrances to the two stops on the line rail system will begin, along with road surface and signage repair. The work will continue for approximately one year, with major construction completion dates scheduled for March 2015.

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