An Open Corner

In Brief_An Open CornerAt the rounded end of First International, Nancheng residents will be able to attend daily staple buying at the new glass-fronted, cathedral-shaped Corner’s Deli. The Guangzhou based import food store closed the smaller of its two Dongcheng branches, the New Century Villa Shop, back in September in preparation for the newer, much bigger store located next to One Mall. The new location stocks two floors and a deli within a space of about 300 sq. meters. “This is a good place because we have the other shop on the other side,” said Operations Director Phyllis Chung. Referring to the Jusco Mart that resides across the street, she also showed confidence in the wealthy clientele that lives and works in the neighborhood. According to Chung, there are no plans for additional stores in Dongguan’s future.

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