Nancheng Air Club

Scene_Nancheng Air ClubAspiring pilots looking for helicopter training now have a destination in Dongguan. On January 7, the Longhang Aircraft Club opened its doors to its Xiping, Nancheng facilities. The first private aircraft club in Dongguan will provide various services such as aviation training for pilot licences, aircraft maintanence and auditing courses for overseas aviation schools.

The club’s newly built, indoor facilities encompass an area of around 3,000 sq. meters and is separated into open and members’ areas, which require fees for entry. The open area will host aviation activities for the public, while the members’ section has four pricing levels with dues costing RMB 300,000 and RMB 500,000 to as high as RMB 3 or 5 million. Pilots in the top echelon of membership will be granted flight training courses and be given a helicopter.

According to a Longhang manager surnamed Liu, there are 30 private aircraft owned in Dongguan. “The aviation market has great potential in Dongguan,” Liu said. He said that the club is expecting membership lists to take off once the planed civil use flight zone, allowing private aircraft under an altitude of 1,000 meters, is opened.

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