Landmark Christening

Scene_Landmark ChristeningThe most discernible landmark and highest building in Dongguan, the Taiwan Businessmen Association Tower, has finally opened its doors after eight years of construction.

Over 1,200 guests attended the grand opening ceremony on December 26, which also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the association that now thrives with over 3,600 members in Dongguan.

The 289-meter-high, 68-story building cost almost RMB 2 billion, doubling the original budget collected from hundreds of Taiwan enterprises. Most of the decorative materials, like cables, lighting, office tables and chairs, were offered by Taiwanese companies at low prices.

A King Mall shopping center, taking up the first five floors, is planned to hold a soft opening in May. Floor 6 to 64 is dedicated to office space and the top four floors will become private clubs. The 48 elevators and 16 escalators should be able to reach any floor within 70 seconds.

The building’s Chinese name was changed to Global Economic Trade Center in 2010, according to official reports, attract non-Taiwanese business. As another answer, the local private businessmen of Dongguan showed them some color by breaking ground on a 398-meter-high tower for their headquarters right across the street.

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