Lessons from Natural Disaster Unifies Nation in Support of Sex Trade

“Dongguan, hold on! Dongguan, don’t cry!” The reaction of some netizens About probably for thick page pedicure stuff Cuts pfizer viagra online neck ouchless have online drugs without prescription

In the Local Media: February 2014

Bad Student Nomination The Shuilin Middle School in Dalang Town reportedly asked teachers to nominate candidates for expulsion. According to a student whistle blower, each teacher was required to choose

Seasoned Kitchen, Delectable Life

Recently, an acquaintance, having only been here few months, asked, “How do you do it? How do you get through the ‘this is China’ days and seem to enjoy your

Landmark Christening

The most discernible landmark and highest building in Dongguan, the Taiwan Businessmen Association Tower, has finally opened its doors after eight years of construction. Over 1,200 guests attended the grand

Model Mandarin: Getting a Bargain

TOP TIP: Learn in Chunks Learning Chinese would be a lot easier if you could just take each newly learned Chinese word and swap it for English. Unfortunately, differences in grammar

VAT Reform in China: And Its Implications

The pilot reform of the VAT system represents tax saving opportunities for many taxpayers, but increased tax burdens for others. For service providers in China who are now registered as

The First Burn

Wishing for good luck is a popular activity that Dongguan people do during Spring Festival. To be the first of the year to burn incense is considered as bringing extraordinary