H7N9 Southern Tour

H7N92H7N9 Southern Tour In December, six new cases had been confirmed throughout Dongguan, Shenzhen, Yangjiang and Hong Kong. The two confirmed cases in Dongguan include a three-year-old from Changping who has fully recovered, and a 39-year-old man from Fenggang who is still in critical condition. Though all possible sources had been checked, including 17 agricultural markets, a poultry market in Fenggang and the restaurant where the man had eaten chicken before showing symptoms, no samples were found infected by the virus. According to the vice president of the Dongguan Disease Preveantion and Control Center, the disease has still not shown evidence of inter-human transmission, which means H7N9 epidemic can’t break out too quickly. On December 23, all the poultry markets in Dongguan were ordered to shut down for one day for disinfection. Two more days are planned for cleaning and disinfection in the poultry markets before Chinese New Year.

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