Driving Points

Driving pointsSince the implementation of the new driving regulations as of January 1, 2013, thousands of drivers had accumulated 12 points and were obligated to take a safety course and retake the written driving exam. Until December 16, there were still more than 3100 people who need to retake the exam, according to the Dongguan Traffic Police. The revision of the penalty point system’s management had raised awareness to certain rules which have been ignored for years by Chinese drivers.

The most noticeable rules include using a handset phone, which could get the driver two points; incorrect use of high beams is one point; failing to fasten a seatbelt is two points. Several severe 12-point violations that should attract drivers’ attentions are: covering or staining of license plates, speeding over the limit by 50 percent, stopping on highway lanes, and drunk driving. Failing to yield at the zebra crossing will be “rewarded” with 6 points, but is rarely enforced by the authorities.

Drivers who accumulate more than 24 points within one year will not only need to take the written exam, but also the road exam. However, a new trade of transferring points from bad record holders to “clean” drivers has thrived on the black market. The Ministry of Public Security made relevant rules to deter this behavior starting May 2, stipulating that one driving license holder can cover a maximum of three cars, and violations in one vehicle can only be applied to three drivers.

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