Made it Happen

dec3Local communities in Dongguan have many groups for gathering away from the majority cultures of the city. One such group was treated, through a cultural awareness grant, to a night for remembering traditional Jewish culture during Chanukah, the Jewish festival of lights, as a way to grow closer together and more involved in their community.

A Jewish-American expat and a resident of Dongguan, Lindsay Hirsch, soon to leave behind the city and friends to return home, after hearing that many of the city’s Jewish residents had missed out on her community’s Yom Kipur observance back in September, Hirsch applied for a Make It Happen Micro Grant so that her and friends could treat the bigger community to a night to remember.

The micro grants are part of a campaign created by the Schusterman Foundation to raise awareness in the Jewish community. About the grants their Web site says, “it is rooted in our belief that while investments make change possible, people make change happen.”

They ate, had a good time and won’t forget. “I truly just wanted to make a difference in the community here, whether I was here to see the lasting effects or not,” said Hirsch. Using the US$1,000 from the grant, along with help from friends she bought food, decorations and games for the smallest of the Jewish community.

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