No Debate Taxi Rides

dec4A new regulation aimed at taxi services was released in October updating policies stipulating that drivers are no longer allowed to ask destination before the passengers enter the vehicle. The policy is meant to correct problems during the “jiaoban” shift change times that leave passengers frustrated and adrift during what are peak commuting hours.

Taking effect on April 1, 2014, the regulations state that drivers may not screen passengers. They also circumscribe limits controlling route detours and multiple passengers, both now officially permissible only with passenger consent. Other provisions include 26 standard service expressions drivers must use in both Chinese and English, such as “I’m glad to be of service,” “please fasten the safety belt,” “please memorize my license plate number.” Taxi companies should also provide 24-hour hotlines and respond to passenger complaints within a 24-hour period.

However, many are worried about the enforcement of the rules since penalty measures are not mentioned in the regulations. The vice president of the Dongguan Taxi Trade Association commented on the “jiaoban” problem to the Nanfang Metropolis Daily. “This is actually a forbidden excuse. The relevant occupation codes stipulate that drivers should put out the “out of service” sign on the windshield during the ‘jiaoban’ period.” Report violations at 2220 1029 with license number, service time and locations.

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