Creative Display

dec6A creative fair with products and services from Dongguan’s fast growing creative industries has been organized by the Center Enterprises Group (CEG) under their Idea Creativity development project, along with luxurious car show, live music show, world beer tasting, international food and masquerade.

CEG, who has been converting vacant factories into vibrant office spaces for many of the city’s creative companies, such as the ones featured in HERE! Dongguan’s May issue, will open its floor to showcase some of the many business located in their office spaces. “We hope to provide an interactive and communicative platform for the creative establishments,” said planning manager Zheng Zhanpeng. “Not only to form business connections, but also to publicize and promote their company image and services.” The fair is held on December 20 from 2:30 to 10 p.m. at 769 Dreamworks in Nancheng, the latest creative park by CEG.

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