Crafty Couple: Disability Sparks a Lifetime of Artistry

Huang Xueyu, 72, lives nearby the Dongjiang River surrounded by a beautiful scene of willows growing around a clear pond, but for an entire life he has scarcely stepped away

Know Better, Sing Better: Dongguan KTV Review

Karaoke certainly plays a crucial part in the leisure and social life of the Chinese, although it might not be the first choice in entertainment for many foreigners, especially singing

HERE!DG Plus – The Dongguan You Want – Episode 01

In the first ever episode of HERE!DG Plus, hosts Adam Mok and Stephen Roberts explore Dongguan. First up, they “fire it up” with DJ superstar Eddie Halliwell, then its the

HERE! Dongguan 100th Issue Party

HERE! Dongguan magazine published its 100th issue in November and celebrated the occasion with friends, family, readers and contributors for a night to remember at Shooters Restaurant and Bar, then

Our Family Traditions: A Multinational Journey on Christmas Eve

Every year more people from all over the world come to live in Dongguan and with them they bring their own unique culture and fascinating traditions. For many, Christmas is

China’s Social Insurance System

How Does it Affect Expat Lives? China’s Social Insurance Law provides that foreigners working in the country are required to participate. In September 2011, the MHRSS further promulgated the Interim

Some Like it Hot

Fan Cai Zhen Xiang If Cantonese food had an antithesis, something so blatantly contrasted that even an expat a week off the plane could identify, Hunan food would be it.

For All Ages

PALS Family Restaurant and Bar When PALS opened a few months ago they heavily promoted that they were a bar where you could bring your family. So much so, that

What’s the Deal with Infinite Numerals?

Walking the streets of Dongguan, cell phone numbers can be seen pasted or painted everywhere—the ground, a bus stop, a pole, a wall, a public toilet, a tree, a statue

Home Made: Non-Traditional Christmas

Not for the first time since coming to China, I’ll be spending Christmas away from home. Of course, I’ll be homesick, but I’ve learned ways to pass the time happily