Yes. Wait, No


While the Keyuan Garden is well-maintained and considered the city’s most touristy attraction, its brother, Daosheng Garden, went through devastating danger in October. Construction workers began to hammer down parts of the complex’s brick walls, attracting attention from the city’s mayor and party secretary who ordered an investigation before deconstruction could continue.

Daosheng Garden was built in 1856 by local academic and artist Zhang Jiamo, the nephew of Keyuan Garden’s owner Zhang Jingxiu. Dubbed as one of the four famous Qing Dynasty gardens in Dongguan, while Keyuan is on of Guangdong’s four famous gardens, its cultural and architectural achievement was parallel to the Keyuan garden.

Occupied by several families until 2002, it has been vacant for nearly 10 years. The Guancheng government considered the site too damaged to be listed for protection and sold it in 2011. Though only one small room remains, the Guancheng government decided the garden will be rebuilt, upon suggestion from three experts.

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