Lions Feeding Lambs


Earmarked to benefit Dongguan’s children and youth services, RMB 1.5 million was raised on October 18 at an event celebrating the founding of the Guangdong Hi Gui Lions Club. The district charter has the youngest Lions Club International members, with 80 percent made up of “sea turtles,” a nickname for returnees from overseas study.

“The Lions Clubs focus on local community services, while each club has their own core services,” said Mai Huimin, the club’s secretary general. “Our core is children and youth services, including awards for the youth, campus violence [education] and entrepreneurship programs.” Throughout Guangdong, since the foundation of the area’s first club in 2002, there are now 113 service teams and 3,800 members.

Mai says that anyone who donates to the club can decide for what his or her donation is used, and she is hopeful of increased cooperation with the community. “Volunteers are always welcome. We are also happy to hear of anyone interested in joining. [We] encourage these people to attend our meetings to learn more about the club and its service projects first.”

Their most recent social activities provided entertainment for patients at a local rehabilitation center, collected clothes for Gansu earthquake victims and raised awareness for social harmony at Dongguan University of Technology, passing out “free hugs to you and me.”

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