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fishrestMiracle Ocean Sashimi

There comes a time in every long term Dongguan denizen’s life where the same old restaurant begins to taste not as good. All of the old beer halls seem stale and the local dives become filled with locals. The options piddle out and the question looms as to whether to try one of the thousands of new places that spring up daily with the knowledge that it may become yet another notch in Dongguan’s belt of failed gastronomic obscurity. Miracle Ocean Sashimi is the newest fledgling sushi joint to open its doors in the booming Qifeng View Plaza area along Dynatown’s west side. With its pleasantly azure paint job, it harbors a welcomingly light take on a market that can usually be purely dark and functional in appearance.

Frankly, most of the menu is questionable, including the prices. Nearly every dish that contains any sort of fish byproduct has a starting price of around RMB 20 and that’s usually for two pieces. Miracle isn’t the typical conveyor belt sushi place. The dishes are ordered separately and prepared faux vis-à-vis behind a counter. It also doesn’t feature much beyond the normal scope of the countless myriad of other Japanese restaurants in town.

Miracle doesn’t have any feature even paying vague homage to anything related to a Japanese restaurant. The music is inland Mando-pop and the layout resembles an East Coast U.S. fried fish saloon with teak and a fisherman’s décor of nets, shells and fish adorning the walls. The place appears to say “pan fry some scallops and spots” and not “throw some healthy sashimi on vinegar soaked rice.” Miracle does offer some daily specials giving diners half price on certain sushi dishes: Saturday is salmon for the many obsessed with this fish.

Even with Miracle being a tiny edge in Dongguan’s vast sushi “gastronisphere,” the cooks and wait staff take a far too laisser-faire attitude towards their service. All the heads of this hydra are facing different directions. With a little experience and training, Miracle could be a pleasant place to have a snack between meals.

Address: No. 7 Dongcheng East Rd., Qifeng View, Dynatown, Dongcheng 中文:奇迹海刺身餐厅, 东城区星河传说旗峰天下商业街7号