Fish Camp

Miracle Ocean Sashimi There comes a time in every long term Dongguan denizen’s life where the same old restaurant begins to taste not as good. All of the old beer

Takes a Village

Hug Pub The spirit of entrepreneurship that exists in this country has, by most accounts, never been stronger. While hobbies are few and far between in Dongguan, owning a retail

What’s the Deal with Fake Liquor?

Knockoffs, or shanzhai products, exist at almost every level in China, leading to a lack of surprise to hear that RMB 1,000 bottle of Hennessy VSOP sold at night clubs

Confessions of a Food Addict

Reader, I’ve got something to confess. I’ve never actually taken a cooking class in my life. Although I do create my own recipes, much of what I cook is a

Model Mandarin: Quick-Change Artist

Top Tip If you are new to Dongguan, or new to learning Chinese, it can be intimidating to speak up when with other foreigners who can already speak the language.

Only Dongguan: Home Discovery

I had travelled from my home immediately after being dismissed from a three-year stint in the army. Starting with a year in New York, I then returned eastward, reaching past