Only Dongguan: Forward Dealing

It has been almost 10 years since I arrived in China. What I learned very quickly was that business moves faster here than in the USA. Just like the Dongguan

Model Mandarin: Wish List

Top Tip In Chinese, the r sound is difficult. It comes up in often used words such as saying what nationality you are, ‘yīngguó rén;’ or remarking on the weather,

Home Made: Strange Love

The real title of this month’s article is Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Stir-fry. Alas, that name is too long for the space provided.

What’s the Deal with Muslim Noodle Shops?

Their green signs scripted with Arabic lettering, and pictures of open pasture, cows and sheep, comfort many Chinese-illiterate foreigners with consistency and suitable nourishment. The similar interior and menus of

Turn it Up

Blue Orleans New bars and restaurants are opening in Dongguan seemingly every month. This month’s bar review ventures to Houjie Town, a place better known for its factories than nightlife.

Deep Dishes

Bodhi Vegetables Dongguan’s newest vegetarian restaurant held a soft opening on June 1, and its strategy of value and ambience has been filling seats ever since. During a weekday lunch,

The Latest in Dongguan: Foreign Direct Investment News

Whether you have a company looking to expand into Dongguan or one that has been established for years, attention paid to changing regulatory procedures allows companies to avoid penalties and

Before You Hike in Dongguan

DIY Trail Gear There is no reason to overspend while preparing for your trip. If you can’t handle being in public without Gucci, the great outdoors is likely not for

Bushwhacked: Camping in Dongguan

This is what it is. It’s a small thing, and we can categorize it easily into a form fitting, group-dictated configuration of streets, taxis, factories and KTV bars. Your life