Creative Ideas Assembly

creativeideasThere’s good news for Dongguan’s craftsmen, designers and stylish home goods collectors. The city’s first creative folk art market is taking place in Guancheng on August 3 and 4, where artisans will be selling handicrafts varying from coasters and burlap backpacks to handmade post cards and wedding bouquets. The event was initiated by Wang Yin, 27, from Anhui Province, who simply thought Dongguan should have a platform for makers of handicrafts to be able to correspond.

“Dongguan has many people who make creative and original products, but everybody just does it within their own circles. I hope they can have good communication and learn something from each other through this event,” she said. “There are a lot of things that should be improved in Dongguan, but it should be done by us, not the government.”

The market also provides a flea market, graffiti demonstration and street dancing performances. The exact location is the outdoor space between the Dongguan Cinema and the Kafka Coffee on Xiangyang Road, Guancheng.

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