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shifanShi Fan Wei

Cantonese cuisine may not be the first choice for most foreigners when eating out, but knowing one outstanding Cantonese restaurant to dine out with local friends or business partners could easily impress them and show your respect and interest to local culture. Focussed on health, plainness and authenticity, this restaurant is well-received among locals and Hong Kongers due to its credibility to ingredient resources and simplicity in food style.

In Cantonese cuisine, freshness of ingredients is believed to make a difference in texture and flavor. Therefore, the entire first floor, except for the kitchen, is dedicated to fish tanks keeping all kinds of seafood for customers’ choice. On the stairs up to the second floor dining hall, a board of fapiao verifies the purchase location of some main ingredients such as the oil, which is from Metro.

It’s a classic festive dining atmosphere with three rows of round white-clothed tables and dark wooden chairs, bright red lanterns and cutting paper hung below the ceiling. There are three kinds of tea provided, two of them are free – regular Pu’er and tieguanyin, a kind of Oolong tea – and the third one is luohanguo for RMB 5, a sweet Chinese herb tasting like Chinese medicine, and is believed to offset internal heat. The menu is pictorial with simple but understandable English names. A dish of vegetables fired with meat is about RMB 30. About RMB 250 can feed a table of six.

Be sure to order some typical local treats such as meat pie with preserved cabbage, a dish from every Cantonese kitchen, and steamed rice with spare ribs. It’s very fragrant and juicy. RMB 69 for a decent pot of braised ox beef is worth a try too. The Chinese radish absorbs the sauce perfectly. Avoiding some bizarre ingredients such as feet and cow stomach, there are plenty of choices suitable for foreign appetites. Fried lotus roots with salt and pepper is surprisingly good with ground pork filling in the holes, really brightening up the natural flavor of the lotus roots. The location is a bit out of the way, the road is actually down from Garden Road, where the original AEON (Jusco) is situated.