Dance Fall Life

danceFew branches of Western soft culture are as pervasive as hip hop. It is an attitude and music that is easily translated, and has become a global platform for youthful expression. Matched by Chinese youths’ desires of materialism and freewheeling lifestyles, the culture of bling and boats has become a hugely popular trend in the country.

Dongguan is not to be left out of the mix. Local dance studio, TNT Crew, has put together an annual event taking place this year on June 22 behind the H&M in the Dynacity Shopping Mall. “[We are] just for dancing and to popularize the positive spirit of the hip hop culture,” said BenJ Chen, co-owner and artistic director at TNT Crew Dance Studio.

The Dance Fall Life event is a competition for amateur dancers from the region. And dozens of young competitors lined up for their chance to show their stuff in four categories, poping, locking, hip hop and freestyle. Winners, using stage names, were Hanky, AKA Ya, BenJ and Locker respectively.

BenJ said that there are a few competitions in Dongguan each year. The next is in August, but they also get together every two weeks for informal dance parties. “Hip Hop is really good. It’s very healthy and positive. I hope that in the future, TNT Crew can stand on the big international stage,” said BenJ.

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